descriptionSource code for SO-XUG linux system
ownergit repository hosting
last changeWed, 14 Nov 2012 14:50:47 +0000
2012-11-14 CIXUG DevelopersRelease new version of ubiquity-slideshow-os-xug master
2012-11-08 CIXUG DevelopersImprovement in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu slides
2012-11-08 CIXUG DevelopersAdded ubiquity-slideshow-os-xug package
2012-11-08 CIXUG DevelopersAdded epidat package
2012-11-08 CIXUG DevelopersChange default gsettings in xug-default-settings package
2012-11-08 CIXUG DevelopersReplace wallpapers with new versions in xug-look package
2012-11-07 CIXUG DevelopersNew release of xug-meta package
2012-11-07 CIXUG DevelopersNew release of xug-software-meta package
2012-11-07 CIXUG DevelopersMiscelaneous improvements in bioestatistica, cccomunica...
2012-11-07 CIXUG DevelopersInclude meld as dependency for xug-software-base
2012-11-07 CIXUG DevelopersRegister xug-software-educaciĆ³n into xug-software-meta...
2012-11-07 CIXUG DevelopersRepackage hunspell-gl-es for making it compatible with...
2012-11-07 CIXUG DevelopersAdded hunspell-gl-es-volga package sources
2012-10-23 CIXUG DevelopersAdded remaining galician language dependencies to xug...
2012-10-22 CIXUG DevelopersNew xug-default-settings release
2012-10-22 CIXUG DevelopersIgnore zip and bz2 arquives from git repository
5 years ago 1.0-rc1
5 years ago master